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Several manufacturers produce ALL-in One systems. The benefits of this sort of machine include that ther is a minimum amount of visible cabling and that they are more easily moved about than other systems. The main disadvantages include that there is little ability to improve their capacity and repairs are often prohibatively expensive.
Virtually  all of the manufacturers, Acer, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Dell etc. provide a variety of equipment suited to needs. Most systems take the form of a Tower or Mini Tower box, designed to sit on the floor. However virtually all of the manufacturers produce Small Form Factor (SFF) machines that are about the size of an A4 binder. Many of the SFF are as powerfull as a physically larger Tower.
The difference between a laptop and a netbook is that laptops, generally, have better processors and also have a DVD/CD or Blue-Ray player and burner built in, Net books do not. The best laptops, in my view, are built by ASUS.  However Samsung, Fujitsu, Acer and Lenovo all have very good machines at a competative price. Tablets come in various sizes with the most popular having a 10”  or so screen size. The most popular run the Android operating system.
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We supply any machine to any specification required, but only after we understand what it is to be used for. After all you don’t want to spend £3,000 when £400 would meet your needs!