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Computers and all of that ABS have supplied computers and support for 25+ years.  We do not advertise, we employ no sales people.  We rely purely upon personal reccommendations If a customer believes that I would be usefull to somone and that they and I will get on together, they recommend me.   The business is about people that I trust and who can trust me. Thank-you all for the last 25+ years. Unlike other suppliers, we offer a full 12 months support and maintenance warranty.  This warranty is not sold by us, but is part of the initial price customers’ pay.  It matters little if the problem experienced by the user is software or hardware, we are still responsible, others charge extra for such services.  If the problem is caused by software sourced from others, then we do the best we can to resolve the problem, before referring you to the supplier of that software. That’s why we charge more - we give much more. For small businesses computers are a painfull, expensive necessity.  We try to make life easier, by our maintenance contracts.  They are unusual in several respects: They are paid for monthly, you can cancell any time giving 30 days notice. They cover hardware, software and that troublesome finger! All of the computers are replaced on a regular cycle, at our cost. Peripherals are replaced as needed, at our cost. All anti-viruses are supplied by us and only those are permited on the machines covered. All of the equipment, including all of the replacements, are owned by you.
About ABS
ABS is a business wholly owned by Bob Armstrong. Although he spent many years working as a Management Consultant he has spent over 40 years in what is now called IT and Computing. In that time he has gained wide experience of designing and developing software solutions for businesses both large and small. Bob started this business in 1992 providing a wide range of services to small and medium sized organisations as well as to individuals with particular needs. ABS provide a comprehensive service which includes: PC's, networked or standalone a wide range of software bespoke software website hosting website design Training Support Advice and consultancy The objective of the business is to provide customers with cost effective solutions to meet their needs and at the same time ensuring that the service they receive is second to none.
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