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Other usefull Tools 
The following free tools and programs are worth while installing Recuva - is a file recovery tool, it can recover lost files from Harddisks and Flash Drives.  CLICK HERE From the same software house is CCleaner which tidies up your machine and helps in run faster. CLICK HERE GOOGLE CHROME is our prefered internet browser and is totally free. CLICK HERE The next best Browser is FIREFOX, to get it free CLICK HERE .
Anti-Virus  The following items are  provided free of Charge  By Panda Security.
For the use of Armstrong Business Services Customers
Armstrong Business Services
Click here for Virus Removal Tools (PLEASE phone ABS before using these tools!)
Panda Cloud Free version may not be quite as good as the version we sell, but it is very good. Click here for the free version 
Below are several useful programs, all free of charge:
Gimp is probably the most popular free image editor That meets professional standards CLICK HERE 
Word Processing, Spread Sheet, Database & Presentations are all available for free. AND it’s MS Office compatible and FREE.  CLICK HERE
Mozilla’s Thunderbird is a very good Email Client that brings your emails straight to your desktop.   CLICK HERE
7zip is a very powerfull ZIP compression program that meets professional standards CLICK HERE 
PDF Factory, produces pdf files painlessly this link is for a demonstration version that has a small note at the bottom saying it is the demo version.  CLICK HERE