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You just want ‘em to work - Breakdowns, User and Software Problems are all the same
For most computer dealers, they will maintain hardware under contracts, but not software, that’s extra, not user problems, that’s extra, everything you want fixed is extra. Well, we are different. 95-98% of computer problems are down to software or user issues. We believe that users and small businesses cannot differentiate between the various sources of the problem.  So our attitude is, we are responsible for sorting it out within the terms of our maintenance agreements. This applies even if we did not supply the offending software.  In these latter cases, if the software is not a package that we know, we will do our best to sort it, to the extent that we will liase with the originators of the package to try and find a solution. At the same time, most maintenance arrangements that we enter into, provide for the replacement of computers on an agreed cycle and the replacement equipment is yours, although it is included in the contract. Sometimes when new equipment is installed the operating system is upgraded, when that occurs, we ensure that all of your existing software is capable of running under it, and if it requires an update and if this incurrs a cost, that cost is met by you. Everything is transfered from your old system, and you are left with a running up to date system. Peripherals are replaced as required. Antivirus, anti-malware and firewall software is installed within the contract and its use is a condition of the contract. The contracts are very simple, you pay a monthly amount and can cancell at any time, giving 1  months notice.
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